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Ta Petro

Country Pride Restaurant Locations



We're located inside TA Travel Centers!

Country Pride Restaurant Locations - Location, Address, Highway, City, State, We're located inside TA Travel Centers
Location Address Highway City State
TA Montgomery 980 West South Blvd. I-65, Exit 168 Montgomery AL
TA Earle 408 Highway 149 North I-40, Exit 260 (St.149 Earle) Earle AR
TA Prescott 1806 Hwy 371 West I-30, Exit 44 Prescott AR
TA Tonopah 1010 N. 339th Avenue I-10, Exit 103 Tonopah AZ
TA Willcox 1501 North Fort Grant Road I-10, Exit 340 Willcox AZ
TA Redding 19483 Knighton Road I-5, Exit 673 (Knighton Rd.) Redding CA
TA Ontario 4265 East Guasti Road I-10, Exit 57 (Milliken Ave.) Ontario CA
TA Santa Nella 12310 S. Hwy 33 I-5, Exit 407 (St.Hwy 33) Santa Nella CA
TA Commerce City Rick Ash Commerce City Travel Center I-70/I-270, Exit 278 Commerce City CO
TA Wheat Ridge Danny and Cindy George Wheat Ridge Travel Center I-70, Exit 266 (Ward Rd.) Wheat Ridge CO
TA Limon 2200 Ninth Street I-70, Exit 359 (Hwy. 24) Limon CO
TA Willington Robert Fernald Willington Travel Center I-84, Exit 71(Ruby Road) Willington CT
 TA Baldwin 1024 US 301 South
I-10, Exit 343 (US 301 S.) Baldwin FL
TA Wildwood 556 E. St. Rt. 44 I-75, Exit 329 (SR 44) Wildwood FL
TA Marianna 2112 Highway 71 South I-10, Exit 142 (SR 71) Marianna FL
TA Vero Beach 8909 20th Street I-95, Exit 147 (SR 60) Vero Beach FL
TA Cartersville 981 Cassville-White Road I-75, Exit 296 Cartersville GA
TA Council Bluffs 3210 South Seven Street I-29(NB)/I-80(EB), Exit 48 I-29(SB)/I-80(WB), Exit 3 S. Expwy, Exit 49 Council Bluffs IA
TA Brooklyn 4124 V18 Rd. I-80, Exit 197 Brooklyn IA
TA Boise J.D. Doc Osburn Boise Travel Center I-84, Exit 54 Boise ID
TA Chicago North 16650 W. Russell Rd. I-94, Exit 1/1A (Russell Rd.) Zion IL
TA Mt Vernon 4510 Broadway I-57/ I-64, Exit 95 Mount Vernon IL
TA Bloomington Gary Buchs Bloomington Travel Center I-55/I-74/I-39, Exit 160A Bloomington IL
TA Troy 819 Edwardsville Road I-55/I-70, Exit 18 (Rt. 162) Troy IL
TA Seymour 2636 E. Tipton St. I-65, Exit 50 (SR 50) Seymour IN
TA Whitestown 5930 East State Road 334 I-65, Exit 130 (SR 334) Whitestown IN
TA Lake Station 1201 Ripley Street I-80/I-94, Exit 15B Lake Station IN
TA Porter 1600 West US Hwy 20 I-94, Exit 22B Porter IN
TA DeMotte 11166 W. State Road 10 I-65, Exit 230 Demotte IN
TA Clayton 10346 S. State Road 39 I-70, Exit 59 (SR 39) Clayton IN
TA Beto Junction 2775 Highway 75 I-35, Exit 155 (US 75) Lebo KS
TA Walton 145 Richwood Road I-75/I-71, Exit 175 (Rt. 338) Walton KY
TA Tallulah 224 Highway 65 South I-20, Exit 171 Tallulah LA
TA Slidell 1682 Gause Blvd I-10, Exit 266 (US 190) Slidell LA
TA Elkton 1400 Elkton Road I-95, Exit 109B Elkton MD
TA Baltimore South 7401 Assateague Drive I-95, Exit 41 A (Rt. 175) Jessup MD
TA Baltimore 5501 O'Donnell Street cutoff I-95, Exit 57 Baltimore MD
TA Ann Arbor 200 Baker Road I-94, Exit 167 (Baker Rd.) Dexter MI
TA Sawyer 6100 Sawyer Road I-94, Exit 12 Sawyer MI
TA Saginaw 6364 Dixie Hwy I-75, Exit 144 (Bridgeport) Bridgeport MI
TA Battle Creek 15874 Eleven Mile Rd. I-94, Exit 104 Battle Creek MI
TA Tekonsha 15587 M-60 I-69, Exit 25 Tekonsha MI
TA Rogers Marty Ellis Rogers Travel Center I-94, Exit 207 (Hwy 101) Rogers MN
TA Concordia 102 N W 4th Street I-70, Exit 58 (Rt. 23) Concordia MO
TA Foristell 3265 N. Service Road East I-70, Exit 203 (CR W) Foristell MO
TA Meridian 2150 Russell Mt. Gilead Road I-20, Exit 160 (I-59) Meridian MS
TA Missoula 8018 U.S. Hwy. 93 N. I-90, Exit 96 Missoula MT
TA Candler 153 Wiggins Road I-40, Exit 37 Candler NC
TA Mocksville 1670 U.S. Hwy 601 North I-40, Exit 170 (U.S. 601) Mocksville NC
TA Ogallala 103 Prospector Drive I-80, Exit 126 (Rt. 61) Ogallala NE
TA Grand Island 8033 West Holling Rd. I-80, Exit 305 (Alda Rd.) Alda NE
TA Greenland Denis Litalien Greenland Travel Center I-95, Exit 3 (Nthbnd); Exit 3B (Sthbnd) Greenland NH
TA Columbia Norman Knight Columbia Travel Center I-80, Exit 4A (Rt. 94) Columbia NJ
TA Bloomsbury 975 S.R. 173 I-78, Exit 7 (Rt. 173) Bloomsbury NJ
TA Paulsboro 171 Berkley Rd. I-295, Exit 18 Paulsboro NJ
TA Gallup 3404 W Historical Hwy 66 I-40, Exit 16 (Hwy 66) Gallup NM
TA Las Cruces 202 N. Motel Blvd I-10, Exit 139 Las Cruces NM
TA Albuquerque Jim Wilcox Albuquerque Travel Center I-40, Exit 159A(E); 159D(W)/I-25, Exit 225 (N); Exit 227(S) Albuquerque NM
TA Moriarty 1700 U.S. Route 66 West I-40, Exit 194 Moriarty NM
TA Pembroke 8420 Alleghany I-90, Exit 48A (St. Rt. 77) Corfu NY
TA Binghamton 753 Upper Court Street I-81, Exit 2W (N), Exit 3 (S) Binghamton NY
TA Dansville 9616 Commerce Drive I-390, Exit 5 Dansville NY
TA Fultonville 40 Riverside Drive I-90, Exit 28 Fultonville NY
TA Maybrook 125 Neelytown Road I-84, Exit 5 Montgomery NY
TA Dayton 6762 US Rte 127 N. I-70, Exit 10 (SR 127) Eaton OH
TA Lodi 8834 Lake Road I-71, Exit 209 (Rt.224/I-76) Seville OH
TA London 940 US RT 42 NE I-70, Exit 79 (Rt. 42) London OH
TA Kingsville 5551 St Rt 193 I-90, Exit 235 (St. Rte 193) Kingsville OH
TA Youngstown 5400 Seventy Six Drive I-80, Exit 223A (Rt. 46) Youngstown OH
TA North Canton 4450 Portage St. NW I-77, Exit 111 (Portage St.) North Canton OH
TA Jeffersonville 12403 US Rt 35 NW I-71, Exit 65 (US 35) Jeffersonville OH
TA Oklahoma City East 801 South Council Road I-40, Exit 142 Oklahoma City OK
TA Aurora 21856 Bents Road NE I-5, Exit 278 Aurora OR
TA Troutdale 790 N W Frontage Road I-84, Exit 17 Troutdale OR
TA Brookville 245 Allegheny Blvd. I-80, Exit 78 Brookville PA
TA Harrisburg 7848 Linglestown Road I-81, Exit 77 (Rt. 39) Harrisburg PA
TA Barkeyville 5644 St. Rt. 8 I-80, Exit 29 (St. Rt. 8) Harrisville PA
TA Lamar 5600 Nittany Valley Drive I-80, Exit 173 Lamar PA
TA Bloomsburg 6 Buckhorn Rd. I-80, Exit 232 Bloomsburg PA
TA Greencastle 10835 John Wayne Drive I-81, Exit 5 Greencastle PA
TA Milesburg 875 N. Eagle Valley Road I-80, Exit 158 Milesburg PA
TA Harborcreek 4050 Depot Road I-90, Exit 35 (SR 531) Erie PA
TA Spartanburg 1402 East Main St. I-85, Exit 63 (SC Rt. 290) Duncan SC
TA Antioch 13011 Old Hickory Blvd. I-24, Exit 62 Antioch TN
TA Franklin 4400 Peytonsville Road I-65, Exit 61 Franklin TN
TA Denmark 155 Hwy. 138 Providence Road I-40, Exit 68 Denmark TN
TA Baytown 6800 Thompson Road I-10, Exit 789 (Thompson Rd.) Baytown TX
TA Laredo Henry Albert Laredo Travel Center I-35, Exit 13 (Beltway Pkwy.) Laredo TX
TA Big Spring 704 West Interstate 20 I-20, Exit 177 (Hwy 87) Big Spring TX
TA New Braunfels 4817 I-35 North I-35, Exit 193 New Braunfels TX
TA Terrell 1700 Wilson Road I-20, Exit 503 Terrell TX
TA Edinburg 8301 N.HWY 281 HWY 281, Exit FM 2812 Edinburg TX
TA Hillsboro 160 State Hwy 77 I-35, Exit 370 Hillsboro TX
TA Tooele 8836 Clinton Landing Rd. I-80, Exit 99 Tooele UT
TA Richmond 10134 Lewistown Road I-95, Exit 89 (Lewistown Rd.) Ashland VA
TA Wytheville 1025 Peppers Ferry Road I-77, Exit 41/I-81, Exit 72 Wytheville VA
TA Seattle East Carol Wolder-Nixon Seattle East Travel Center I-90, Exit 34 North Bend WA
TA Hudson 601 Brakke Dr. I-94, Exit 4 (US 12) Hudson WI
TA Wheeling 196 W. Alexander Road I-70, Exit 11 (Dallas Pk) Valley Grove WV
TA Cheyenne 4000 I-80 Service Road I-80, Exit 377 Burns WY
TA Rawlins 1400 Higley Blvd. I-80, Exit 214 Rawlins WY
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